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Children’s Christmas Party 2013

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Iconography – December 2013

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Volunteer Post

Volunteer Post

“Emerging from the Shadows: Cypriot Women’s Voices on a Journey”

Volunteers are invited to work on a project that records the history of Cypriot women in London. Small numbers of Cypriot women first came to Britain between the wars and worked as machinists in factories. In the 1950s and 1960s, the main period of migration, substantial numbers of Cypriot women came to Britain and found work mainly in the same industry as their predecessors. The last influx of Cypriot women were the displaced persons and refugees who had to leave Cyprus after the upheavals of 1974 (Josephides, 1988). This oral history project aims to enable Cypriot migrant women- the building blocks of the Cypriot “ethnic economy” in London (Anthias, 1983) – to become the narrators of the history they created and whose voices have been hidden from formal historical accounts and other oral history projects.

We are looking for volunteers to:

* Conduct and transcribe oral history interviews with women

* Carry out local history research

* Help design and maintain a website

* Help create a documentary

* Participate in the organisation of the project’s exhibition/dissemination

We will start recruiting new volunteers to carry out oral history interviews and local history research in December 2013 and the work will take place over the winter. We will offer training. Oral history experience is very useful for a range of related activities and can be a part of personal and career development. Volunteers who will take part in the project will be entitled to a reference.

Details of any training offered: Oral history research, interviews and transcription

Name of organisation: Arachne Greek Cypriot Women’s Group

Contact person: Evangelia Prokopiou, PhD

Contact address: 13/15 Hercules Street, London N7 6AT

Telephone: 020 7263 6261/020 7263 6336